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Mike Trout: Menace to Society

The Angels show their true colors.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Since Orbit returned to the Astros from parts unknown, he has been nothing short of the best mascot in baseball. The best mascot in sports for that matter. He has served as a beacon for a positive work environment, an international ambassador, and even a peace negotiator between the Astros and Rangers. He has done it all and everyone has gotten a laugh along the way.

That is, everyone expect the Angels. Last season, Orbit tried to score a trout before the game and ended up wrapped in his own fishing by Mike Trout.

This year, Orbit went out of his way to try to entertain his guests from California. He did what any good host would do, he brought out a board game. He even went a step further to find a six-foot tall edition of Jenga. Orbit invited the players over to play, only to have Albert Pujols throw his glove at the stack of Jenga pieces.

Then for the second year in a row, Mike Trout humiliated Orbit. Trout knocked over the Jenga tower and Orbit along with it.

The fishing accident and now the game of Jenga. Mike Trout is a menace to society and must be stopped. We can not stand for this bullying and especially bully of just a lovable mascot. Of course, Orbit and the Astros got the last laugh. Houston took the first series with the Angels 2-1 and sit in first place in the AL West.