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Weekly MiLB Discussion: Most Exciting Team

The minor league crew discusses which team they are most excited to follow this season.

AJ Reed
AJ Reed
Tim Deblock

This weeks topic is as follows:


Which of the four minor league teams are you most excited about following and why? Obviously the Corpus Christi team is the most prospect laden but there are several other story lines with the others that command attention. Whether it's the AAA rotation with their probable soon contribution to the ML team or their cramped outfield.? What about the massive hitters in the middle of Lancaster's order? Or the top signee from 2014 manning CF in QC?

Brian Stevenson

Corpus, first and foremost, and yes, because it's so stacked. In that regard, too, I feel like Corpus will dictate a lot of the callups; J.D. Davis might get hot, but he won't be called up until Moran moves up to AAA. Reed likely stays in Lancaster until Gregor has proved himself worthy. If Correa goes nuts, do they call him up to AAA and put Fontana...somewhere? Corpus also has the makings of an incredible pitching staff, with Appel and Hader at the top, flamethrowers like McCullers and Gustave, Aaron West trying to bounce back, and so on. Quad Cities is a close second because the team is comprised largely of un-sexy-but-intriguing Luhnow draft picks like Bottger, Tanileu, Nottingham and Radziewski, to name a few. In fact, aside from maybe Chris Lee, there's almost no prospect of note on that club who wasn't acquired by Luhnow, so watching them could help provide more insight into our front office's strategies and whether they work or not.


I cannot wait to debate on who is legitimate in that Lancaster lineup. There are going to be lots and lots of homeruns with the amount of under the radar pop lurking in that lineup. Lancaster's winds predominantly blow out to right field. 9 of the 14 Lancaster hitters are left handed or switch hitters. The entire outfield bats from the left side! I know this guy is as unprospecty as it comes, but bet on Ronnie Mitchell hitting more than 30 bombs at Lancaster, and joining Koby Clemens and Jon Gaston in Lancaster mirage lore. Brett Phillips and AJ Reed, who also both hit left handed, could put up some sick numbers in this park. JD Davis should continue to mash here, but can he stick at 3rd?

On the pitching side of things, my favorite high profile and low profile prospect are a part of the Lancaster staff. Michael Feliz, with his electric fast ball and potential plus off-speed offerings, is a great prospect follow. The Astros obviously think highly of him to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. They added him to the 40 man roster while he is still pretty far off from breaking into the MLB. The low key guy I love to follow is Troy Scribner. At some point, this guy is probably going to hit the wall, but I have not seen it yet. So far, he has done nothing but impress at every level he's pitched (180 Ks in 134.2 IP in his short minor league career).


The QC team is far from a sexy team. Outside of Fisher, Nottingham, Musgrave, Comer, Trompiz, and Montero, there's really nobody that has standout tools. Sure, there are several guys with standout skills, but tools aren't really on full display. Even some of those are debatable to have tools that are considered truly "standout."


Awesome. There's always a ton of guys we almost never hear anything about from the lower levels and I just wonder if they're just putting up some good numbers against low-level competition or if they have some actual legit stuff.

I have a feeling that many will choose CC and I can't blame them. They are stacked. But, c'mon lets think outside the box a little!