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Astros Podcast: Keep calm and remember it is week one

Statistics don't matter this early in the season, impressions from the first week of baseball, Jeff Luhnow on Carlos Correa and Mark Appel, Chris Carter, Jon Singleton, Colin Moran and Jake Marisnick, all discussed in this weeks episode of the podcast.

Ryan Dunsmore

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TCBP AB 152: Keep calm and remember it is week one

In this episode Tim De Block, David Coleman, Ryan Dunsmore, and Brooks Parker discuss:

Mission Control Concepts

Statistics this early in the season doesn't matter

Astros Afterburners

Impressions from the first week of baseball

Jeff Luhnow told MLB Network that he won't hesitate to call up Carlos Correa or Mark Appel if there is a need and they're ready -

Listener Questions

Are both Chris Carter and Jon Singleton in the organization at the end of the season? - Buddy Brooks

Will Colin Moran make it to the big leagues this year? - Buddy Brooks

Do you see Jake Marisnick's current offensive numbers as a sign of development or just a temporary burst? - Jonathan Morris


Next Schedule Podcast Recording: April 19, 2015

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