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HOU 2, TEX 6: Astros end up with more errors than runs

Astros lose, and look ugly in the process.

Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

Games like this are going to happen.

Games like this are going to happen.

Games like this are going to happen.

I need to remind myself of this probable truth.  I do not mind losing, but not losing like that.  But as we are a young team, it is bound to happen.  The key is that we learn from it, and hopefully avoid making those same kind of silly mistakes again.  In case you missed it, the sloppy tone was set early, when in the bottom of the 1st inning, the Rangers scored on a little league home run.  With two outs and no one on, Adrian Beltre laced what should have been a double down the right field line (great piece of hitting by the way), and for some odd reason, George Springer tried to bare hand it as it bounced right on by him, allowing Beltre to get to third.  Then, for no apparent reason, Beltre dancing around third baited Marwin Gonzalez to try some type of snap-throw over to third, which got by Valbuena, allowing Beltre to scamper home.  One of the announcers (I think it was Andy Ashby), said it just about perfectly:

"Well, makes you feel like a little bit of a little league game right there.  That's very unfortunate, as two outs and nobody on base and that turns into a run."

I feared that was a foreboding play, and unfortunately I was right.  The sloppy play continued, as the Astros ended up with three errors on the night, which led to four unearned runs.  That's not good, and you are not going to win many games playing bad defense like that.  Let me add a few brief positives, as Colby Rasmus made a night catch retreating in LF, followed-up immediately by Jake Marisnick showing off his range by making a nice running catch in right-center.  I know you have heard it before, but Marisnick is a really good defensive centerfielder.

It wasn't much prettier at the plate.  Our 2-3-4 hitters went a combined 1-13 at the plate.  We got hits, and had runners on, but we just couldn't get that big hit with runners in scoring position.  Atluve, Castro, Valbuena, and Gonzalez each had two hits a piece.  Castro hit the ball with authority all night, and even on the last out of the game, he roped a line drive that was unfortunately hit straight to center.  That is a positive sign.  It was also great to see Altuve do Altuve things.  Marwin hit a homerun his first time up, and then later had a nice opposite field line drive hit.  I hear the Padres want a SS, we got a pretty good one right there for the right return.  Lastly, it was good to see Valbuena finally get his first regular season hit as an Astro.  I love seeing bat flips after singles too.  We need to get a GIF of that or something.  I know for a fact he had a nice bat flip after his single in the 9th, but I think he also did a bat flip after his first hit in the 7th.

The pitching was surprisingly solid, especially when you consider they were let down by spotty defense.  Personally though, I'll just throw it out there and say that there is nothing about Roberto Hernandez that gives me any confidence.  He couldn't complete 5 full innings, but I guess it was a positive that he only gave up 1 earned run (5 runs total).  But then again, he did give up 5 hits and walked 4 (while only striking out 2), so I can't feel too bad for him.  Will Harris threw two solid innings, so there's a positive.

Overall, while there were some positive takeaways from the game, this was a pretty ugly loss.  It is a good thing that we have Dallas Keuchel on the hill tomorrow afternoon for the rubber game.  I have a ton of confidence in Mr. Keuchel.  Let's win tomorrow and walk away with our first series win of the Arlington no less!