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2015 TCB Astros March Madness: Aaron West vs. Tyler Heineman

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Two more prospects square off in our second match today. Which battery mate do you like?

Just a reminder; voting will stay open for 24 hours for each of these match-ups, and there will be two match-ups per day. For a complete breakdown, check out the introductory post if you haven't already. Here's a link to the first round's wrap up post (wherein you'll find the updated bracket) if you need it. Get those votes in while you can!

Round Two, Match Two

Aaron West, RHP

As an individual, you’d be hard pressed to find a player the TCB staff loves more. West has an interesting background and has been a guest on the podcast. This past season was far from as planned as he spent the majority of the season rehabbing from forearm tightness and then elbow pain. It’s tough to take anything from his stats considering. The talent remains despite being a year older. He throws in the upper 90’s and can command it, that’s a hard pitch to find. -- Subber10


Tyler Heineman, C

Good all around catchers are hard to find. They’re either good offensively but bad defensively or vice versa. After last year, many fans felt that the Astros had found one. However, Heineman regressed significantly at the plate both in batting average and power. He continued to have decent plate discipline as he draws a few walks and doesn’t strikeout out a ton. His defensive reviews are still good but to be more than a future backup, the offense needs to take a step forward. -- Subber10