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2015 TCB Astros March Madness: Wrapping up round one, looking to round two

32 players fell by the wayside over the last 16 days, and 16 more days will see the remaining 32 cut in half again.

Ryan Dunsmore

A few fun facts about and after the first round:

  • There were a total of 9,904 votes cast in the first round, an average of 309.5 votes per match.
  • In the first round, there were 36 position players and 28 pitchers (56% to 44%). In round two, there will be 19 position players and 13 pitchers (59% to 41%).
You Love Your Prospects
  • 17 of the 32 advancing players (53%) have never spent a day in the Majors.
  • 16 of the matches pitted guys who had never been in the Majors against guys who had; in those matches the guys with zero time in the Big Leagues advanced 11 times (69%).
  • 12 of the 30 players from the TCB Top 30 Prospects list were eliminated, but of those, only four were eliminated by guys with enough playing time to have lost their rookie eligibility. This means that 87% of the Top 30 prospects either advanced or were eliminated by other Top 30 prospects.
  • The Top Ten prospects from the TCB Top 30 Prospects list went 6-for-10 in their matches; Vincent Velasquez ran into the Altuve buzz saw, Brett Phillips got burninated by Trogdor, and Teoscar Hernandez drew fellow Top 10er Michael Feliz. In the six matches that were won by Top 10 prospects, the average margin of victory was a commanding 75% to 25% of the vote.
Results and Breakdowns
  • The smallest margin of victory came in the very first match, with Kent Emanuel squeaking past Matt Dominguez by a mere 0.9% of the vote.
  • The biggest margin of victory goes to Dallas Keuchel by a hair with 95.39% of the vote in his match. George Springer garnered 95.35% of the vote in his match, so it's essentially a tie.
  • Meanwhile, Springer garnered the most total votes of anyone in the round, and it wasn't particularly close. His 411 votes was a full 54 votes more than the second place mark of 357 set by Jake Marisnick. For reference, 11 players didn't even get 54 votes themselves in the first round. Ronald Torreyes, matched up against Keuchel, was the lowest vote getter with just 14 votes.
  • Speaking of which, Jake Marisnick? Yes, he got more votes than Carlos Correa (322), Joe Sclafani (321), Dallas Keuchel (290), Collin McHugh (279) and Chris Carter (276). One wonders if Marisnick is ultra-popular or...well...Jonathan Villar was his opponent...
  • Speaking of which, Joe Sclafani almost out-gained Correa? We at TCB would like to take a moment to welcome the Sclafani family to our happy little community, we're so happy ya'll (50 or so, I take it) decided to drop by. Either that or Anthony Boyer has been sneaking packets of Sclafani Instant Kool-Aid into people's drinks again.

Round Two

If you'd like a quick refresher on the entire tournament's breakdown and rules, here's the introductory post for you again. For this second round, we'll also be doing two matches per day for you to vote on, which means this second round will last from today, March 9, through Monday, March 16.

Here is your bracket updated for the second round. Vote totals from the first round are off on the edges for your perusal.

March Madness Bracket 2

And here is your direct link

Gone But Never Forgotten...

This world can be unfair at times. You're going along, living life, your whole career ahead of you, and wham! You get matched up with Jose Altuve and it's all over, just like that. So senseless. It can happen in an instant. These players may have been eliminated well before their time, but they'll always hold a special place among us. Click below and vote for the Round 1 Consolation winner. Remember; they'll always live on so long as you keep them in your hearts!