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2015 TCB Astros March Madness: Tony Kemp vs. J.D. Davis

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Another pair of prospects matching up. One of 2014's big breakouts vs. a popular new draft pick who got off to a hot start. It's speedster vs. slugger; who's your man?

Just a reminder; voting will stay open for 24 hours for each of these match-ups, and there will be two match-ups per day. For a complete breakdown, check out the introductory post if you haven't already. Get those votes in while you can!

Round One, Match Thirty

Tony Kemp, 2B

Unfair though it may be, it’s impossible to keep Jose Altuve out of your mind when you think of Kemp. Kemp isn’t going to win a Major League batting title, but may very well be a starting second baseman for some team. His glove won’t be an issue; it’s above average, if not flashy, and he has just enough arm to make it work there (but nowhere else, really). Unlike Altuve, Kemp has a walk rate going for him, and while certainly not Altuve, his hit tool is a bit above average and will play. If he gets on base 35% of the time, plays solid defense and steals 20+ bags each year, you’d better believe he’ll start. With Altuve firmly entrenched, Kemp could be dealt within the next 12 months, especially if he has a big year in AA and possibly AAA. -- Brian Stevenson


J.D. Davis, 3B

We’ve seen the Astros target power bats, warts and all, at the MLB level this off-season, but it should come as little surprise given some of their recent draftees. Davis’ big calling card is his raw power, easily a six out of eight, and possibly a seven depending on who you talk to. Splitting time between Tri-City and Quad-Cities in his debut season, he posted a .215 ISO overall, knocking 13 homers in 73 games. He figures to strike out a fair amount, but if he reaches his 30 home run potential and can maintain some level of defensive value, he’ll find his way onto a Major League roster somewhere. -- Brian Stevenson