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How to use FanShots and FanPosts at TCB

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Have an opinion about the Astros? Use TCB to express it.

The Astros got you down, or has George Springer got you all weak in the knees? Do you have an opinion you have to get out of your system? Want to call CRPerry13 he's a nerd? How about telling David Coleman or myself to shut up and talk baseball? Don't just leave it in the comment section, write a FanPost.  Find a cool link, instagram photo, video, or tweet? Send that bad boy into the TCB universe with a FanShot.

With the start of the new season, it seems like a good time to refresh everyone on Fanposts and FanShots. The links to start both can be found on the right hand side of the homepage bellow the main story section.

How to create a FanPost

First step is to click on "Write a FanPost" on the homepage, once opened you'll see something like this:

The two main parts to a FanPost are the title and body section. A catchy title is very helpful to getting readers. Think of all the silly things you've clicked on just because the title was interesting. The body is where you actually write your article, and don't forget the numerous tools in the SBNation editor. The tools include traditional word processing elements and the ability to add media on the right hand side. You can also add a poll to your article in the "Polls" section.

A few key points:

  • Don't just repost an article from another site. If you want to comment about another article, credit the writer and use a specific quote instead of just using a giant block of text. Especially with content behind a paywall, TCB will take down any straight up repost.
  • Once you have finished your post, make sure to read over it once or twice. Make sure to check over your grammar and spelling. Spelling and grammatical errors will diminish your argument, making it less likely to be promoted to the homepage. Also, use the preview button to check formatting before publishing.

How to create a FanShot

We use FanShots all the time to present fun content we find on the internet. But the staff at TCB aren't the only ones that can use FanShot, you too can create FanShots. Click on "Create a FanShot" to begin.

Here is a handy guide on using the right type of FanShot for the right job.

Pick the right option for your FanShot, create a catchy title, add a description, and post. You're done.

How else can you get involved

First and foremost, read the FanPosts and FanShots. Rec the post if you like it, it's the best way to say "good job". Comment on posts and reply to comments if you're the writer. The more decision we have at TCB, the more our writers get involved.

It's always great to hear opinions outside of the writers on TCB on the Astros, so please use these tools to voice your opinion.