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Astros Spring Training Photo Gallery

Photos from the team workouts before Spring Training games, including a visit from Lance Berkman.

Astros baseball is just around the corner, but first there is Spring Training. The Astros headed to Kissimmee to get work in for the first time in 2015, and like many teams the Astros have a new manager, new players, and a new vibe.

In a way Spring Training is a throwback, much of the news and stories come directly from the beat writers and camera men and women on location. The teams aren't on national tv for us all to see. Rather they are on backfields with a handful of people looking on from behind chainlink fences. So it's joy to get a look in when you can at Spring Training. The Houston Chronicle has Karen Warren, who does excellent work. Thankfully for us, Tommy Gilligan of USA TODAY Sports took some photos from Astros Spring Training camp that where in the SB Nation system. Enjoy the view from cloudy Kissimmee.

I do have one question for our TCB readers, is this the first time we've seen Lance Berkman in new Astros gear?