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Tuesday's Three Astros Things

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Talking (briefly) about digital media, Jacob Nix and the Twins/Astros analytics...

Some things to talk about while KKennesaw Mountain Landis rolls in his grave...

1) On digital media and writing

Read this.

Think about what we do here on TCB. Is it sustainable in the future? Are we part of the past or part of the next wave? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I love it here. I have the freedom to write about whatever crazy thing I want, like Parks & Rec or comedy or whatever. I can write long or short. I can delve deeply into a subject or graze the surface for a quick joke. I can dust of fiery hot taeks or try to react thoughtfully to a move.

Not sure if this is the future of sports media. But I know how much I want to stick around and see where this thing is going.

2) On Jacob Nix and the Astros

Read this.

Think about the anger Nix shows for the Astros, and how understandable that is. We at least know now that he won't be drafted by the Astros again.

3) The Twins, the Astros and analytics

Read this.

Think about how much the Twins reveal in public comments. Think about how much the Astros reveal and how much we really don't know about what they're doing and how they analyze players.

What we don't know could fill an ocean.