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Recasting Parks and Rec, Astros style

Jose Altuve as Leslie Knope and more brilliant casting suggestions, as we say goodbye to a great show.

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Once again, my favorite show on TV ended.

It happened with Seinfeld and The Wire. It happened with The Office and now the Neilson Reaper has come for Parks and Recreation.

The NBC sitcom aired its series finale last week. Spencer Hall over at the .com made a brilliant case for not watching said finale. He talks about how non-traditionally people watch series now and how a show like this will live on past its sell-by date.

For me, it's another reminder that all things end, but that something else will come along. Just like a baseball season. Just like a favorite player. There will always be another show. Maybe this next one will be Last Man on Earth, which had a pretty strong debut.

All I can do to commemorate one of my favorite shows is by dusting off an old gimmick. Before, I've recast Friday Night Lights with Astros and then did the same for Community. As one last goodbye to Parks, here's the show recast with Astros.

Jose Altuve as Leslie Knope - the beating heart of the show and this Astros team. Her defining characteristic, and the thing that makes her so different than Michael Scott on The Office, is that she's very, very good at her job and her coworkers respect her for that. Her talent helps her overcome her long odds. Sound like a certain second baseman?

Evan Gattis as Ron Swanson - My favorite photo in the graphic up top. That's a Ron Swanson face if I ever saw one. Also, the easiest call on this list. El Oso Blanco sits atop the Pyramid of Greatness, after all.

George Springer as Andy Dwyer - He's goofy, he's awesome and he's turning into a superstar. That sounds a lot like Springer, no? Not everyone loved the Johnny Karate episode this last season, but when Andy connects, he hits it out of the park.

Jeff Luhnow as Donna Meagle - Here's a sneaky one. Donna doesn't take crap. She's loyal to her friends and she does good work. Seems to fit Luhnow well. Plus, it's delightful to think about him yelling, "Treat Yo Self," after he traded for Gattis.

Collin McHugh as Tom Haverford - I am 100 percent certain that McHugh has a DJ Roomba at home. He's also a late-bloomer into greatness.

Chris Carter as Ann Perkins"Ann, you poetic noble land mermaid. You are the most beautiful, glowing, sun goddess ever." Ann never got top billing on a show with tons of comedic talent, but she had her moments. Oh, she had her moments. Also, the way Leslie talks about Ann is the closest thing to how TCB talks about Trogdor.

Hank Conger as April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer One of her best moments was a study in comedy minimalism. Conger's best skill is a study in doing nothing.

Kevin Goldstein as Jerry/Gerry/Terry/Larry Gergich Look at this tweet and tell me this doesn't fit.

Jason Castro as Chris Traeger - Who's got the dreamiest eyes on the Astros? Not tiny arms Rob Lowe, that's for sure.

Dallas Keuchel as Ben Wyatt - So, so many great moments. Adam Scott fit into that cast seamlessly and brilliantly. He alone took the ceiling of that show up a notch and a half. The Cones of Dunshire moment as his 2014 Keuchel season.