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TCB Writers Prospectus

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A closer look at the writers at The Crawfish Boxes.

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We created the TCB Writers Prospectus for the express purpose of allowing our writers to paint a better picture of themselves and their work. They were given the simple prompt of describing themselves and presenting their favorite articles they wrote at TCB. The names are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy.

Alex Goodwin

Lived in Austin when I was younger, and the Astros were the only team worth caring about in Texas (World Series in '05 and all that) so I stayed a 'Stros fan even after moving to St. Louis. I'm a sophomore in high school right now, so I'm definitely the youngest writer on the listserv, yet I somehow pulled off that A.J. Reed interview. Covering the minor leagues and the draft has been really fun thus far. A career in sports media could be a realistic goal for me, but I'm not thinking that far ahead just yet.

An Interview with A.J. Reed

Astros Minor League All-Star Team

The consistency of Houston Astros' prospect Rio Ruiz

Anthony Boyer

Originally from Cincinnati Reds country, but a fan of the Houston Astros since a fateful trip to the Astrodome in 1987, when Kevin Bass let him take a few swings in the batting cage. He's traveled the world while working in the entertainment industry, and now calls sunny Los Angeles, California, home. He loves baseball at all levels, particularly the minors and amateur levels. You're likely to find him at a high school or college game in Southern California if he's not in Lancaster covering the Jethawks.

A Tale of Two Waves: Noah Lowry's and Dan Haren's Development Paths

The Anatomy of a One-Pitch Strikeout

A Conversation with Shortstop Joe Sclafani, or: The Development of a Utilityman

Prospect Perspective: Teoscar Hernandez, CF, Lancaster Jethawks (Hi-A)

Brian Stevenson

Born and raised in H-Town, on the mean streets of south-west Houston. Hooked up with TCB shortly after the 2013 season, primarily to cover the minors, but also the Majors on occasion, doubtless kept around this long for the entertainment and/or ego-boosting benefit of the other writers. Cursed the team by becoming a serious fan during the 2005 playoff run, from whence they've yet to (and may never) recover, sorry about that. Lover of Lance Berkman, OBP, base stealing and nasty breaking balls, hater of pitcher win-loss records, the talking heads that insist they matter, and the BBWAA's self-righteous PED witch hunt. If you're reading this, I'm likely either writing something boring and inferior, playing an obscure RPG video game, or working on some random, complicated art/craft/building project that I'm probably sorry I ever dreamed up and started, all while listening to heavy metal and/or classical music.

Lance Berkman retires; why he was everything that is great about baseball

Astros Prospect Report: The Resplendent Renaissance of Mark Appel

Evan Gattis trade: Comeback kid brings power, wisdom, courage to Astros


Physical Therapist by day and blogger by night. I'm kind of a biomechanics nerd. I can often be caught "people watching" trying to figure out why they walk the way they do. My too many years of school has lead to a big interest in player development and pitching mechanics. So I use that knowledge in order to put in lame attempts at "scouting" the minors and draft prospects along with cover Astros injuries.

Dexter Fowler: Is he injury prone?

Methylhexanamine: A banned substance?

Kinematics of Nick Tropeano's Pitching Mechanics


Clack is a longtime writer for TCB, and he has been an Astros' fan since 1969.  He has a strong interest in sabermetrics and has written many sabermetric articles for TCB over the years.  In real life, he is a consultant who performs specialized economics analysis. Clack has a varied background, including a stint as a newspaper reporter and sports writer many years ago.  Is he a Luhnow truther?  He was suggesting Luhnow as a GM candidate for Houston before he had been interviewed for the Astros' job.  Does that answer the question?  As for the screen name, Clack, he used that name on a lark, because he liked the radio show, "Click and Clack"---and, well, he never changed it.

Sabermetrics: Making Sense of the Astros' Team Defense

Sabermetrics: The Astros Ground Game

Sabermetrics: Acquiring HR Hitters

How much is the bullpen improved?


Oil & Gas Project Engineer, jazz trumpet player, craft beer enthusiast, LSU Tiger, novelist-in-training.  Chris primarily writes (or draws) off-beat game recaps, opinion pieces blasting simplistic narratives, and quasi-accurate sabermetric pieces that sometimes loosely pertain to the Astros.  He is an avowed Luhnow Truther, Appelogist, and big-picture thinker.

An Insider's Look at the Gattis Trade: a probably fictional account of the inner workings of the Astros' front office

An Astros game recap juxtaposed against the symphonies of Gustav Mahler

Crushing the case against Jeff Bagwell's HOF candidacy

Risky Business: Success and failure rates of top draft picks

The Disaster at Detroit

Curtis Leister

Staff Writer for the Crawfish Boxes since Spring 2013. UT Austin junior/business major (please hire me) from Beaumont, TX. Doesn't write as much as he should, but active on minor league recaps, Rule IV draft profiles and a major league game recap here and there. Interested in baseball statistics and sabermetrics, good sports journalism, urban baseball development and quality Tex-Mex. On Twitter all the time @leistomania93. Astros fan since 2000. Once took a vacation to Weiland Island.

Astros (Alternative) History: The 2004 Postseason

The Astros International Free Agent strategy (summer 2013)

Why Jeff Bagwell Should be a Hall of Famer in 2013

Dave Spradley

When Dave isn't working in sales, he is a guy on a blog site, a pretty sweet one called TCB. His first major league game was visiting the Astrodome and he's been an Astros fan since his Houstonian mother hung an Astros pennant above his bed. When he isn't working or writing for TCB he's shredding sick riffs on his guitar or looking for delicious eats. He is a believer in the #process.

David Coleman

Managing Editor for the Crawfish Boxes

For five years, he's written about the Astros. He hasn't been good at it since 2010.

Trading Roy Oswalt, from early 2010

Baseball and my dad

A philosophical look at an Astros loss


Lifelong Astros fan, and performer of horrible cover versions of AC/DC songs with his teenage sons.  New to writing at TCB, and writing in general.  Lurked around in the comments section, until one day last year Mr. Coleman asked if anyone wanted to help out around here.  He said something like "all your wildest dreams will come true" (I think).  Of course I volunteered!  Mostly I just recap games, and post about Astrocentric news.  I hope to do more in the future as I continue to get my feet wet, and learn more about the high-stakes world of Unpaid Internet Baseball Writers.

Idrees Tily

Not known for clever usernames, I am a CPA by day, and fantasy baseball juggernaut by night.  I am a lifelong Astros fan, and throughout my career as a fan, there are three highlights among many awesome memories:  1.) Telling (in all reality it was me yelling it to him as he walked by) Drayton McLane to trade for Carlos Beltran about a month before it actually happened; 2.) Representing the Houston Astros in the I Live for This campaign (and my friend and I take full credit for making it to the World Series the following year); and 3.) Telling Carlos Zambrano that the "Cubs suck" from about 10-15 feet away, and living to tell about it (that's a big dude!).  I have not contributed as much as I would like to, but I look forward discussing some dollars and cents in the not too distant future.

2014 Astros FanFest Recap

Discussing if the Astros Should Bring Back Nolan Before the Astros Eventually Brought Back Nolan

2014 Opening Day Game Recap

Irish Pete

I am a high school football and track coach who has some free time in the summer. I jumped on board in May of 2013 when I was capturing some video of Carlos Correa in the minors, so that TCB Legend Tim De Block could make some gifs for the site. I was just doing my duty as a regular site commenter/patron when Tim asked if I would like to pen the article on Captain Correa's abilities. I took the plunge and have continued to write, primarily focusing on the minor leagues by writing recaps. I tend to go AWOL in early August when 2-A-Days start.

Will Carlos Correa Stick at Short Stop? (My first article)

The Luhnow Process: Strikeout to Walk Ratios with Astros Prospect Pitchers

Is Jeff Luhnow and the Astros ultimately looking for Jose Cruz 2.0?


James is here to chew bubblegum and write MLB Recaps, and he's all out of bubblegum. A Native Houstonian who grew up an Astros fan, James now resides in the Colorado mountain town of Telluride (you should come ski sometime). If the game he's covering turns particularly brutal, look for James to start recapping his most recent beer league soccer or hockey match instead of the Astros, a habit which the pundits have described as, "maybe endearing, but definitely frustrating."


Became an Astros fan in 2001 because of a bet with a Cubs fan on the NL Central title. Began writing for TCB in 2013 as mainly a recap writer - people liked me for that - and now dabble in recaps and mostly major league editorials. Also the broadcasting/media relations assistant for the Harrisburg Senators (AA - Washington Nationals), and hopes to develop a career in sports media.

MLB Scores: Astros 5, Mariners 2 - A recap with a curious baseball fan

2014 Astros starting rotation: Who makes the cut?

Houston's New Lineup: Who Makes The Cut?

Ryan Dunsmore

Writer/Graphics for The Crawfish Boxes, Battle Red Blog, The Dream Shake, and UT Austin Grad. Bobblehead connoisseur.

What if every major league team had a food-related baseball cap?

Astros Bobblehead System Scouting Report

Newest Astros Colby Rasmus, Luis valbuena, and Dan Straily in an Astros uniform

Terri Schlather

Terri is TCB's resident chick. A defacto Houston native and current resident, she fell in love with baseball and the Houston Astros in the early 1980's and never looked back. Whether it's the crack of a bat or the sight of a player in high socks, she finds baseball to be the calming influence in life. Terri spends her days working for a major software company helping other organizations conquer data quality and master data struggles and spends her nights being the driver/social director for her 13 year old daughter. Despite her data-centric day job, Terri writes predominantly about the lifestyle and fan experience of baseball although don't be surprised when she goes off on a stat-filled rant from time to time. Terri previously led the writing team at Tales from the JuiceBox, contributes sporadically to Astros County, but calls TCB her baseball writing home.

Astros' Adolescence: Ramblings at mid-season

I Keep Score: A primer for baseball fans

Growing up Astros: Fans in the dark age

Why Astros' Ladies Night Doesn't Blow My Skirt Up


Given his Ph.D. in International Studies, he should be at least marginally effective at sabremetrics. As it stands and alas, he mostly uses his Astros articles as a launching pad for pop-culture references, emotional outbursts, and making stuff up. He dabbles in creative fiction, cares for his offspring and woofer dogs, and proudly flies his ginormous Astros flag on his front porch to the bemusement of his southeastern Virginian neighbors.

Planes, Shinkansens and Dekatora: Jeff and Kevin Do Japan

Prospect Promotion Principles: the Pros and Cons of Calling up Top Prospects Quickly

Are the Astros Turning the Corner?

Timmy Kennedy

Appreciating the Astros all the way from Northern Ireland. While actually a Giants fan (sorry), a huge lover of the Astros and their sabermetrics ways.But, does he get on base? Former editor of Around the Foghorn, currently writing for the Crawfish Boxes, obviously, and help out at Fake Teams. Enjoy reviewing players, speculating about trades/moves and offering my not-so-relevant opinion.

Do the Houston Astros have the bare bones of a team ready to challenge?

How many games will the Houston Astros win in 2015?

The potentially brilliant 2015 Houston Astros bullpen

Timothy De Block

Information security professional by day; Media producer for The Crawfish Boxes, Garnet and Black Attack, and PVC Security by night. Co-organizer of ColaSec and University of South Carolina media arts student. Podcast addict.


Astros 2014 Spring Training Impressions

Analyzing the Houston Astros data breach


Grew up between Katy and The Dirty G (aka Groveton, TX - pop.1057). Graduated from Texas A&M last May and currently live and work in Abilene, TX. Joined TCB just recently and hope to write quite a bit this season. Keep an eye out for some pieces on the Hooks, as being relatively close to both Frisco & Midland, I plan on going to as many Hooks games as I can. Also known as the guy who had a guy on twitter contact him about Colby Rasmus staying in a hotel across from Minute Maid. Keep an eye out for me on twitter @trosser92 raging and

ranting about the Astros, Rockets, Dynamo, Texans, Tottenham Hotspur, and of course my favorite reporter in the world JdJo. Nothing gets my blood pumping like a good old fashioned #hottake.

Where Do The Astros Go From Here?

Luke Gregerson scouting report: What can Astros fans expect from the right-hander

Dexter Fowler trade: Meet Luis Valbuena, the Astros' newest infielder