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TCB Dictionary and Phrasebook

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A look into the mad minds of the TCB writers.

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This is a running list. Please feel free to add any additional definitions, nicknames, or whatever in the comment section.

Altuve - 1. noun, a unit of measurement. "I am 1.5 Altuves tall."

Appelogist - 1. noun, somebody who explains away hideous player performance by citing underlying sabermetric concepts.  Note, Appelogist is either an insult or a compliment, depending on who is using it.

Arlington - 1. noun, actual home of the Rangers.

BA - 1. noun, nickname for Baseball America.

Blue Star - 1. noun, a great defensive play.  Coined by Astros radio broadcaster Milo Hamilton. "Put a blue start on that play!"

Blummer - 1. noun, former Astros infielder and now part-time broadcaster Geoff Blum. His quality color commentary helps Astros slowly forget his 2005 World Series home run for the White Sox.

Bob Grossman - 1. noun, nickname of Astros outfielder Bob Grossman. Bob Grossman moonlight as insurance salesman.

BP - 1. noun, nickname for Baseball Prospectus.

Brent Strom - 1. noun, voodoo witch doctor and Astros pitching coach.

Brownie - 1. noun, Bill Brown is voice of Astros baseball on television, 2015 marks his 29th season with the Astros.

BtB - 1. noun, nickname for Beyond the Boxscore

Burninate- 1. verb, to destroy a baseball, specifically when Chris Carter "Trogdor" hits a home run. "Trogdor burninating all baseballs."

"Chron comment, bro" - 1. phrase, A cheerfully-delivered commentary on a particularly short-sighted comment by calling to mind the sheeple who comment on the Houston Chronicle's message boards.  References Bryce Harper's "Clown question, bro" quote from 2013.

Doctor McHugh - 1. noun, the nickname for Collin McHugh. A reference to the BBC's Doctor Who, and the way McHugh is pronounced.

Effective velocity - 1. noun, the use of pitch location to speed up or slow down a batter's reaction to a pitch. The Tao of Brent Strom.

El Escorpión - 1. noun, a David Coleman created nickname for Jose Altuve. The smallest scorpions are the deadliest. The nickname is still in pending status.

El Oso Blanco - 1. noun, the nickname of the newest Astro, Evan Gattis. Gattis earned the nickname while playing in the Venezuelan Winter League.

Fat Elvis - 1. noun, affectionate nickname for Lance Berkman, who has striking resemblance to the Elvis Presley in his later years.

"Free the P" - 1. noun, a call to start and later a rally cry for Astros pitcher Brad Peacock's start.

Game Breaker - 1. noun, nickname for Astros infielder Marwin Gonzalez. A nickname created after Gonzalez broke up Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish's attempt at a perfect game.

Golden sombrero - 1. noun, an event when one player strikes out four times in one game. One level above a hat trick.

"Holy Toledo" - 1. phrase, favorite catch phrase of former Astros Hall of Fame curmudgeon Milo Hamilton.

Homerton - 1. noun, A Jon Singleton home run.

Kevin Goldstein's Trilby Hat - 1. noun, , the modern-day wizard hat of Kevin Goldstein, Astros Director of Professional Scouting.

Killer B's - 1. noun, the Astros' lineup that included Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Derek Bell, and Sean Berry. 2. noun, The Astros lineup that included Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman, and Chris Burke.

Lastros - 1. noun, the uncreative nickname used by detractors of the Astros. Do for retirement along side the phrase "Houston, we have a problem".

Luhnow Truther - 1. noun, somebody who unabashedly supports and defends the Astros 2011-2015 strip-mine rebuild plan.

Matty D Speed - 1. noun, a reference to the speed of third baseman Matt Dominguez or lack their of.

MiLB - 1. noun, Minor League Baseball; the lower-case "I" distinguishes it from MLB, Major League Baseball.

"Move the Train" - 1. phrase, a reference to the Astros' train in left field. It is a call for offense or phrase said after a home run.

Obiehockey - 1. noun, a nickname for Brett Oberholtzer and reference to the difficulty of pronouncing and spelling his last name.

Platinum Sombrero - 1. noun, an where one player strikes out five times in one game.

Pocket Jesus - 1. noun, nickname of Jose Altuve. While Altuve may be short in stature, he has divine power with a bat.

#process - 1. phrase,  Overarching term which covers how Luhnow drafted, made trades, acquired picks, and used many unorthodox methods to rebuild the dumpster fire that was the Astros when he took over.  Also a mighty fine t-shirt.

"Qualls to the Wall" - 1. phrase, a reference to Astros reliever Chad Qualls entering the game.

RedHawks First Baseman - 1. noun, - Nickname for Brett Wallace, The nickname comes from an error in the official recap of the 5/19/13 game between the Oklahoma City RedHawks (then the Astros' Triple-A affiliate) and the Sacramento River Cats.

#Rig - 1. phrase, vague, nebulous term to describe a promising prospect or tool of a prospect. Coined by Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus. Also referred to as #Wet and #Want

"Son...he has a 102 mph fastball." - 1. phrase, code phrase for, "Good lord, that point of view is antiquated. The 1930's called and wants its baseball analysis back.

Springer Dinger - 1 noun, a George Springer home run.

Tal's Hill - 1. noun, the hill in centerfield was the brainchild of Astros team president Tal Smith. The hill is an homage to Crosley Field.

THT - 1. noun, nickname for The Hardball Times.

The Juice Box - 1. noun, a nickname for Minute Maid Park.

Trogdor - 1. noun, Chris Carter, is a mam. A dragon-man, maybe just he's just a dragon. Burninating baseball. Check out his majesty. The nickname originated on Athletics Nations.

Weiland Island - 1. noun, the place where pitchers (or any player) goes after sustaining a long-term injury, coined by myself after Kyle Weiland was injured and never heard from again. Other marooned pitchers included Asher Wojciechowski, Jesse Crain and Alex White. Very similar to the island from the TV show Lost, but probably more accurately located in the spring training complex of Kissimmee.

Wojo - 1. noun, nickname for Astros pitcher Asher Wojciechowski.