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Astros Spring Training Audio: the backfields of Osceola County stadium in Kissimmee, Florida

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Sounds from the backfields of Osceola County Stadium at Astros Spring Training, March 13, 2015.

Timothy De Block

As many of you know, a couple weekends ago I, along with Brooks AKA Subber10, traveled to Kissimmee, Florida, for a weekend of Astros Spring Training. As part of that trip, we spent two days at the Osceola County backfields collecting pictures, video, and audio of both major league and minor league workouts. In this post I am releasing the audio from Friday, March 13, 2015.

This first piece of audio is from regular batting practice. I took several different recordings of batting practice at different times and just stitched them all together into one file.


This second piece of audio is from major league batting practice, where several Astros are given a certain situation to hit in. Alan Zinter, former Astros player and current assistant hitting coach, is who you will hear calling out situations for Astros hitters. The gist of this situational hitting sessions was that the first hitter started with a 3-2 count, then the Astros hit the ball based on the situation. Example: first guy hits a single, next guy bunts him over, next guy hits him in, etc.

It was quite fun to watch and listen to.


In the morning the major league players worked out; in the afternoon the minor league players worked out. It was the first day of workouts for the minor league side of camp and it was light workout day. One of the things they worked on was getting the fielders back into fielding shape. This audio is from that practice.