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2015 TCB Astros March Madness: Collin McHugh vs. Dallas Keuchel

At last, the two breakout rotation-toppers square off. You can only send one of them to the Final Four; who is it?

Just a reminder; voting will stay open for 24 hours for each of these match-ups, and there will be one match-up per day. For a complete breakdown, check out the introductory post if you haven't already. Here's a link to the updated bracket. Get those votes in while you can!

Round Four, Match One

Collin McHugh, RHP

Not since Hunter Pence's hot first season have the Astros had such a legitimate Rookie of the Year candidate. McHugh absolutely came out of nowhere and made the Astros coaches and brass look very, very smart, posting a 2.73 ERA and a 3.83 K/BB ratio in 154.2 innings of work. Brent Strom's pitch tunneling focus seemed to do the trick, and all signs point to McHugh being at least a solid #3 starter going forward. With almost all of his club control remaining, the Astros appear to have scored one of the biggest waiver coups in recent history. -- Brian Stevenson


Dallas Keuchel, LHP

Keuchel made some people look really smart and a few people pretty silly last season. Non-players that is; he made basically all the other players he faced look silly. Breaking out and turning in an ace-like season, Keuchel led the Majors in ground ball rate at 63.5% and finished with exactly 200 innings of work in the book. Though he might regress a tad, nearly everything about 2014 looked legitimate, and he'll form a really nice 1-2 punch with fellow breakout Collin McHugh if all goes as planned. -- Brian Stevenson