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Infographic: Astros Spring Training Roster March 23, 2015

Looking at the cuts from the Astros major league Spring Training roster and a look ahead to next week.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another round of Spring Training cuts. As expected several prospects were sent back down to the minors to get them the repetitions they need to get ready for the minor league season.

Astros cut seven players from spring training camp - The Crawfish Boxes
Houston sent minor leaguers Matt Duffy, Nolan Fontana, Colin Moran, Roberto Pena, Jason Stoffel, Preston Tucker and Alex White to the minors.

Among the players that did well (not that Spring Training stats matter): Colin Moran, Jason Stoffel, and Matt Duffy, who is taller than I expected when I saw him in person. Alex White struggled quite a bit this Spring and will have to prove he's ready for major league time in the minor leagues to start the season. He's a guy that's getting healthy so I wouldn't write him off entirely based on his performance this Spring.

Looking ahead there are still plenty of guys left to cut with options, so I wouldn't expect too many surprises this week. Though, we are getting very near the end and the Astros will need to start making some tough decisions.

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Spring Training Roster 2015