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Spring Training Video: MiLB Catchers Practice

Minor league catching practice can be quite a bit of fun early on in minor league camp.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

If you ever get a chance to go to Spring Training, you have to take any opportunity to see the backfields. It's a very laid back environment for fans and at times for the players. You get to see a lot of the unique things about baseball that you don't see on TV.

One of those gems was the catchers practice for the minor leaguers. In the video below you get to see minor league catchers Brett Booth, Ricky Gingras, Brian Holberton, Jobduan Morales, M.P. Cokinos, and Trent Woodward. The beginning of this video starts with the catchers having to find their glove that the other catchers have hidden and then find the ball thats been shot up from a pitching machine.  They then transition back to a more traditional drill of popping up from their crouch and find the ball.

What I wasn't able to catch before this was them working on their turns to find and field the ball. Then they progressively made it more difficult by having to turn around in a circle twice or lying on the ground and not being able to pop up until two seconds had gone by.