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Former Astros president and general manager Al Rosen dies at 91

Former baseball player and league executive Al Rosen passed away over the weekend. Rosen served as Astros president and general manager from 1980-1985.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Former baseball player and league executive Al Rosen passed away over the weekend at 91 years old.

Al Rosen played all ten of his major league seasons with the Indians from 1947 to 1956, after serving the U.S. Navy for four years. He was named to four All-Star games and the 1953 American League Most Valuable Player. Rosen won a World Series with the Indians in 1948.

Houston fans would know Rosen as the Astros president and general manager from 1980 - 1985. Rosen served as President/CEO of the Yankees (1978-1979), and president and general manager of the Giants (1985-1992) after the leaving the Astros. Rosen was only the fifth general manager in Astros team history.

Rosen was hired two weeks after the Astros' first playoff appearance in 1980, replacing Tal Smith. The Astros would return to the playoffs the following season in 1981, the only time under Rosen. One of his most memorable moves as general manager came in 1983, when Rosen traded outfielder Danny Heep for pitcher Mike Scott. Scott would later go on to win the 1986 National League Cy-Young award.

Rosen and owner John McMullen reached a mutual agreement on Rosen's departure after the 1985 season. The Astros were 386 - 372 during Rosen's run as president and general manager.

In the Astros mourned the loss of Rosen in this following statement:

"Al Rosen is a baseball legend," said Astros President of Business Operations Reid Ryan. "He was always very kind to me and my family. Al had a passion to win and he loved the game of baseball. He always had high standards for the Astros and for those in the game.
"Al was one of the first people to call me when I got the job as Astros president. It was a wonderful surprise and a memory that I will always cherish. Al Rosen will be missed."