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2015 TCB Astros March Madness: Brett Oberholtzer vs. Carlos Correa

Good ole' Obie has been getting some love around here recently, but can he pull the biggest upset of the tournament so far?

Just a reminder; voting will stay open for 24 hours for each of these match-ups, and there will be two match-ups per day. For a complete breakdown, check out the introductory post if you haven't already. Here's a link to the first round's wrap up post (wherein you'll find the updated bracket) if you need it. Get those votes in while you can!

Round Two, Match Thirteen

Brett Oberholtzer, LHP

"Surprisingly solid" might be the way to describe Oberholtzer's career thus far. With a 4.26 xFIP to his name, he hasn't dominated by any stretch, but a lot of hyped pitching prospects can't claim the level of success he has had. His allergy to walks (1.71 BB/9 career) has been a big factor, and there are a group of people who believe his ability generate opposite-field fly balls will be enough to counteract his lack of grounders and strike outs. While no one is expecting something on the level of what Keuchel did, Oberholtzer seems a clear breakout candidate; if he can hit his #3 starter ceiling, the Astros would have an excellent 1-2-3 punch composed out of two third-tier prospects who never made anyone's lists and a waiver claim. -- Brian Stevenson


Carlos Correa, SS

O Captain! My Captain! your fearful trip is done;
Your body has weather’d every rack, the promotion you sought is won;
The Majors are near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes your steady keel, an effulgent future resulting

O Captain! My Captain! rise up and hear the roar
Rise up - for you the flag is flung - ‘tis you the crowd adores;
For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths - for you the throng yearning;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning

Exult, O fans, and ring, O bells!
There is nothing left to fear
Rejoice with cries and passionate yells
"O Captain! Our Captain is here!"

-- Brian Stevenson