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TCB heads to Astros Spring Training

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Brooks and Tim from TCB will be in Florida to take in the sights and sounds of Astros Spring Training.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today Brooks and I are heading down to lovely Kissimmee, Florida, for Astros Spring Training. While there we plan to take some pictures, shoot some video, and record some audio. If you're on Instagram make sure to check our account regularly as we'll be posting pictures there from our trip. We'll also try to give regular updates on some of the things happening on the backfields via the sites Twitter account.

Friday and Saturday we'll be hitting Osceola County Stadium backfields to see check out the minor league side of camp. Saturday evening we head over to the Disney to watch the major league contest between the Astros and Braves. Then Sunday we'll watch the Astros and Nationals square off before heading out. If anyone is around those places when we're there, we would love to meet you. Hit us up on Twitter at the main account, Brooks' account, or my account.