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TCB Top 30 Prospects: A composite list of all the Astros system Top 10 rankings

This is list season. Find out where all the Astros prospects rank on all the lists.

We're in the middle of prospect season, meaning there are lists upon lists upon lists ranking the Astros system depth.

To avoid confusion and to follow up a bit on TCB's Top 30 prospect week, here's a composite ranking of all the lists which have ranked Houston's prospects.

What I did for lists which stop at 10 or 15 or whatever is that I put a 21 on anyone who'd been ranked on another list. So, Derek Fisher made six of the seven lists here. For the one he didn't make (Baseball America), I gave him a 21, even though he may be higher than that in their Top 30 listings.

There could be a little movement, then, on the back end once those ratings are adjusted. But, for the most part, this is a good composite list of all the scouting services.

Interesting that A.J. Reed is much further down on the composite list than he is on the TCB one. The biggest mover over TCB's list may be Nolan Fontana, who is favorably graded on all but Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America.

What do you think? Happy with the list looking this way? Are some of the lists better than others?