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Pat Neshek, Luke Gregerson, and Will Harris in an Astros uniform

Catching up on the Astros new additions this offseason, Pat Neshek, Luke Gregerson, and Will Harris in an Astros uniform.

The Astros have had more recent player acquisitions, and said players have wondered the halls of Minute Maid park in uniform during Fan Fest. But my obsessive compulsive disorder won't allow me to complete a transaction mentally until they have a card of their own.

A wedding is a pretty good reason to be behind schedule, but it's time to catchup. First up is All-Star reliever Pat Neshek.


Mr. Neshek will be fascinating to watch on a game by game basis with his unique arm slot. Neshek is also welcome addition to the high socks club. Moving on to a former teammate of Pat Neshek, Luke Gregerson.


Hopefully, Gregerson brings back his Salvador Dali mustache during his time in Houston. Neshek, Gregerson, and returning Astro Chad Qualls were all teammates in San Diego while Astros manager A.J. Hinch was in the Padres' front office. The Astros bullpen isn't fixed for curtain but Hinch knows the weapons he has well. Finally, Will Harris was an under the radar selection off waivers.


Harris was born in Houston, and raised in Louisiana. The former Diamondback may be depth in the minors, a long man in the bullpen, or a key cog in the bullpen. The Astros roster appears to be set going into the season, so this maybe the last card post of the year. But you never know.