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Astros Spring Training Tweets: February 23, 2015

More social media tweets and media from the Astros Third day of workouts at Spring Training in Kissimmee, Florida.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Day three of Spring Training saw the arrival of more position players and bullpen sessions.

Representatives from MLB talked with Astros about pace of play.

Joe Torre had a death in the family, and couldn't attend the meeting.

Everybody is comedian.

Position players are trickling in.

So you're saying that MLB didn't like the manager stalling for time to allow the bench to look at the replay before challenging the play?

I love the smell of new baseballs in the morning. Smells like victory.

Weirdest birds I've ever seen.

Did anyone check to see if he showed up in a truck with a lift kit?

The Venezuelan invasion continues.

Moncada signed with the Red Sox today.

Throwing to the Max...Max Stassi. I've spent too much time around Tim.

Watch out! Appel has a bat!

Straily working to get that fifth spot in the rotation.

This is Scott Feldman's 11th Spring Training.

Clearly after reading Clack's Colby Rasmus profile.

Music to my ears.

The future.

The return.

Hinch had Gregerson while in the Padres' organization.

Add another one to the injury list.

Position players arriving to Kissimmee.

Springer's new nickname is Joe Dirt.

Hernandez having trouble with his visa because of his name change.

Berman embracing the text-speak.

I would pay to see him, I will when tickets go on sale on March 2.

(/lights up lighter)

Leather on leather.

That curve, tho.

Pace of game is the major topic.

A return of baseball equals a return of Julia.

As always Mrs. Warren doest excellent job.

Things are getting meta.