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Hank Conger's new Astros catching equipment is on point

PandaCrusher walked into the equipment store and asked for the rainbow.

No mistaking which team Hank Conger is catching for.
No mistaking which team Hank Conger is catching for.
Brian McTaggart

Saturday was the first day of on-field practice for pitchers and catchers in Kissimmee. Of course, there were your traditional storylines playing themselves out, both Brad Peacock and Chad Qualls looked like they were in the the best shapes of their lives. But one more thing caught my eye, Hank Conger's catching equipment. Yes, I hear you all now "catching equipment, who cares?" Well clearly I do. After two years of very plain Jane choices by Astros catchers:

Newest catcher Hank Conger went a different direction, adding yellow piping to blue and orange temple to give an excellent representation of the Astros tequila sunrise. It may just be a set of Spring Training gear, or he may just wear them during pregame. But it's a bold choice, a choice I can stand behind. Now bask in the glow of Hank Conger's catching equipment that will probably blind a pitcher this season: