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Astros Spring Training 2015: Round 2 of Astros pitches and catchers first workout in Kissimmee

Part 2: A collection of social media posts from the Astros first day of workouts.

Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some more baseball content for you to consume.


"So I told Roger I am wearing his number and that's that"

"What did he say to that?"

"He threw up and in":

Just realized Luke Gregerson is wearing Roy Oswalt's old number:

That glorious beard, first sign of trouble and it's gone. Enjoy it while you can:

McTaggart steps into the box:

Oh! A game!:

I got nothin':

"Just look natural, Tags is taking a picture":

Check out Morgan Ensberg's reply:

And now for some YouTube videos courtesy of Evan Drellich Astros beat writer for the Houston Chronicle:


George Springer has a new hat:

The sweet sound of baseball:

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