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Baseball America Releases Top 100 Prospects; Correa and Appel only Astros to make the list

BA released their top prospects and only two made the list.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

As the off-season draws to a close, the major publications continue to release their top prospect lists. This time it is Baseball America, the publication that has has arguably the best history when it comes to prospects.

The Astros system has taken a hit in the last year with trades of Mike Foltynewicz and Rio Ruiz along with the graduations of Jonathan Singleton and George Springer. So, it's not entirely surprising to see less Astros prospects on this list, but their inclusion of just two seems a little bit of a stretch.

Carlos Correa came in at number four. He is just behind another shortstop prospect in Addison Russell. That is something to discuss as many feel Correa is the best shortstop prospect in baseball. The others ahead of him are Kris Bryant and Byron Buxton.

Mark Appel comes in at number 31 and 10th highest RHP prospect.

With lists there are always quibbles about rankings. And there is one that i take offense to. Joey Gallo at six overall. He is a good prospect in his own right, but that is very high for me. The 9-20 range that the other publications have him is more appropriate, but still high for me. The power is real and is easy to drool all over. But his sub-60% contact rate and near 40% strikeout rate in nearly 300 plate appearances is a huge red flag for me.

Thoughts on this list? Do you think other Astros prospects should have made it? Where should they have been? Who shouldn't be on the list instead?