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The Houston Astros Mount Rushmore

Which players/coaches would be forever etched on the Astros Mount Rushmore?

Presidents' Day got us over at TCB thinking, "Who would be on the Astros' Mount Rushmore?" Like the four Presidents carved into the Black HIlls in South Dakota, which four Astros player or coaches have been the most instrumental in the team's history?

Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell are slamdunks of course. They played a collective 35 seasons in Houston with one World Series appearance together. Biggio is one of 27 major league players to have 3,000 career hits, and Bagwell was 1994 National League Most Valuable Player while hit careers 449 home runs. The laundry list of their accomplishments goes on, but these two magnificent players are on the top of the list for greatest Astros of all time.

The question then became who would join the Killer-Bs? The next logical choice is a pitcher that could arguably be the heart and soul of both baseball franchises in Texas.  Nolan Ryan spent nine seasons in Houston, the most of any team he pitched for in 27-year career. The All-Time leader in career strikeouts and collector of 324 wins deserves a spot in the final four.

Finally, you can blame David and myself for this final selection. We chose Larry Dierker. Dierker has spent the majority of his adult life with the Houston Astros as a pitcher, manager, broadcaster, and member of the front office. Dieker is eighth in total career WAR among player that have played for the Astros, and he lead Houston to four playoff appearances as a manager. The Story of Astros baseball can't be written with Larry Dierker.

Now I turn to you, TCBers, who would you put on the Astros Mount Rushmore?


TCB Readers Mount Rushmore

You, the TCB Readers, selected Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Nolan Ryan, and Lance Berkman as your four members of the Astros Mount Rushmore.