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Truck Day: Astros head off to Florida for Spring Training

The equipment is heading to Kissimmee, now all we need is the players.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Today is truck day for the Astros, or what Colby Rasmus would call Friday. The equipment for the team hits the Houston streets and traffic on the way to Kissimmee, FL. The trip will take around 975 miles and 15 hours. The Astros PR department put together a list of the equipment that's going to Florida:

Baseballs: 700 dozen (8,400 total)
Jerseys: 250
Batting helmets: 150
Astros caps: 300
Pairs of baseball pants: 1,000
Belts: 150
Cartons of bubble gum: 300 (114,000 total pieces of gum at 380 pieces per carton, which is enough to cover the length of the basepaths on a baseball field over 26 times)
Cases of sunflower seeds: 200 (over 4.5 million individual seeds in close to 5,000 total bags)
Pounds of rosin: 30
Pounds of laundry detergent: 2,000 (enough detergent to do over 500 loads of laundry)
Treadmills/elliptical machines: 4
Various weightroom equipment: Adjustable dumbbells, stationary bikes, hurdles, nutritional supplements

Here are some more highlights from today:'s Brian McTaggart found some hidden gems among the equipment.

Just a reminder, it's only seven days till pitchers and catchers report for the Astros.