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Astros Winter Meeting rumor roundup: Giles, Kazmir, and more

The hot stove is turned up to broil.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Astros have been relatively quiet this Winter Meetings as the big fish have been reeled in by other teams. Wednesday brought a plethora of news surrounding the Astros.

Ken Giles, future Astro?

The rumor that started this morning appears to have moved out of rumor stage to an imminent trade. Jim Salisbury of CSN Philadelphia has been breaking down what the possible parts for a deal would be: Vincent Velasquez or Brett Oberholtzer.

Astros still looking at Kazmir

USA Today's Bob Nightengale stated the Astros are looking to bring back Scott Kazmir.

Astros to take Gallardo from Rangers?

Houston Chronicle's Evan Drellich is reporting that sources believe the Astros are interested in the Rangers' right-hander.

Sipp back in the fold, maybe

Along with Giles, the Astros are apparently hoping to get the services of Tony Sipp back. Sipp would be the Astros only left-handed option in the bullpen with Oliver Perez heading to Washington this past week.

Desmond an option?

Houston Chronicle's Evan Drellich breaks down an out-of-the-box move of Ian Desmond to Houston.