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Astros rumors: Ken Giles now the object of Jeff Luhnow's affection

It's Closer or Bust for the Astros this Winter Meetings

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A boring Winter Meetings has gotten spicy in the last day. First, the Aroldis Chapman trade fell apart for some very appalling reasons. Second, the Diamondbacks lost their damn minds and traded away all the players for Shelby Miller.

Third, the Astros seem to have moved on from Chapman and made another closer the apple of their eyes.

You can see why they'd be willing to give up a lot for Giles. If his price is comparable to someone like the Yankees' Andrew Miller or Chapman, why not pay for the younger player who has more team control?

Yet, Giles has no more experience than other Astros currently in the bullpen. He does bring the high velocity Houston wants, paired with a little bit of injury history.

Last season, Giles had a 1.80 ERA in 70 innings, striking out 29 percent of the batters he faced while walking 8 percent of them. In his brief 115 MLB career, he's struck out 32.5 percent of the batters he's faced and has topped 96 MPH with his fastball in each of the last two seasons.

This is not the first time we've discussed Giles as an Astros target. Will he be the closer they deserve?