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Astros Crawfish Boil: November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving is over, time to get back to baseball.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Astros News

GM Luhnow: Astros 'not constrained by a budget' this offseason | FOX Sports
The Astros may have a very eventful few months ahead.

How Much Credit Does Luhnow Deserve for Astros Rise - TKB
The Houston Astros’ decision to trade LJ Hoes back to the team they acquired him from, the Baltimore Orioles, might not seem to be anything...

Who’s on first? Astros have plenty of options, and questions - Ultimate Astros
A lot changed in the time after the Astros signed Jed Lowrie.

MLB News

Jordan Zimmermann and the Tigers couldn't wait until the winter meetings -
Monday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the Jordan Zimmermann signing, Ben Zobrist and concern for Jose Fernandez.

Jordan Zimmermann signing a solid move despite decline in fastball velocity - Bless You Boys
Zimmermann has made a living with his four-seam fastball and, even with his declining velocity, should be worth the money for the Tigers.

Cueto turns down large offer from Diamondbacks - AZ Snake Pit
Steve Gilbert is reporting that Johnny Cueto has turned down a 6 Year/$120 Million offer from the Diamondbacks.

Reasons to be wary of a Hanley Ramirez trade - Over the Monster
The Red Sox are going to shop Hanley Ramirez around, but is it really a slam dunk decision?

Ben Zobrist is Mets' top target - Amazin' Avenue
The switch-hitter spent the 2015 season with the A's and Royals.