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SB Nation Awards 2015: Vote for Best Astros Celebration of the Year

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

There was plenty to celebrate this season for the Astros: the pitching of Dallas Keuchel and Collin McHugh, the trade of Carlos Gomez, the home runs of Colby Rasmus and Chris Carter, the play of Jose Altuve, and the legend in the making that is Carlos Correa.

But this time around we want to vote on who had the best celebration for the Astros in 2015. Personally, for me the argument starts and ends with Conger-bot. But here are the nominees:


Near the end of the season, Hank Conger started to do his best impression of the robot dance guy from Dave Chappelle. Thus causing me to burst into 10 minutes of laughter each time.

Correa gives Olney a champagne shower

Carlos Correa did what every non-east coast fan of baseball wanted to do for their entire lives: piss off Buster Olney while their team won over the Yankees.

El Oso Blanco roaring after Lowrie comeback home run

The Astros were down and out score, five runs to win over the Angels. Evan Gattis reaches up to the heavens after Jed Lowrie sneaks a home run over the right field corner.

Jason Castro bat flip

Jason Castro hit a game-winning home run and put a little stank on the bat flip at the end.

Correa wrapping up Altuve

Carlos Correa did his best JJ Watt impression after Jose Altuve hit a game-winning double, tackling the Astros' spark plug to the ground.

Hit a home run, get gummy bears

Need I say more?