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SB Nation Awards 2015: Vote for Best Astros Defensive Play of the Year

Harry How/Getty Images

So far we've crowned Bryce Harper and Dallas Keuchel the kings of the bat and ball. Now switch gears to focus only on the Astros -- Who made the best defensive play for the Astros this season:

Feel free to add any additional plays in the comments, and we'll try add them to voting.

Springer's game-saving catch

George Springer robbing Leonys Martin of potential walk-off 10th-inning Grand Slam. -- CRPerry13

Conger popup double play

Even with the 100 plus awesome Correa plays this season, in my opinion the Conger pop-bunt-turned-into-a-double play was the best play all season. -- Ernie

Marisnick running catch on the hill

There have been so many great plays this year.  I can remember a couple Correa plays in the hole that I loved.  Altuve made a great diving play and falling down throw that was part of his gold glove reel.  Conger's double play bunt.  Springer's catch in right field off the bat of Leonys Martin that saved the game.  But for me, it has to be only one play...a play which carries special significance for me in the season they announced they'd be removing Tal's Hill.  My choice is Jake Marisnick. -- Jason