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SB Nation Awards 2015: Vote for MLB Hitter of the Year

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The time has come to vote on the SB Nation MLB awards. Pitching has dominated the majors of late, but there were still some hitters that stood out including the Washington Nationals Bryce Harper, Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson and the Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt. Here is the skinny on each player:

Bryce Harper

2015 stats: .330/.460/.649, 195 OPS+, 42 HR, 9.9 bWAR

Harper, 22, blemished with the Nats in his first healthy season since joining the major leagues. Harper finished first in the National League in home runs (42), runs scored (118), slugging (.649), and OPS (1.109). He was second in batting average (.330) and walks (124).

Josh Donaldson

2015 stats: .297/.371/.568, 155 OPS+, 41 HR, 8.8 bWAR

Donaldson now far, far away from the American League West, continued to shine with the Blue Jays. He finished first in RBIs (123), runs scored (122) in the American League.  He was second in slugging (.568) and third in home runs (.568) and OPS (.939).

Paul Goldschmidt

2015 stats: .321/.435/.570, 170 OPS+, 33 HR, 8.8 bWAR

Goldie is still the top Houston-area player in the majors. He finished in the top five in batting average (.321), home runs (33), RBIs (110), runs scored (103), walks (118), slugging (.570), and OPS (1.005) in the National league.


TCB Staff Picks


Clearly has to be Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals. His 197 wRC+ was 25 points better than the second best in the MLB. .319 ISO, .461 wOBA, .330/.460/.649, 19% BB%. Ruthian. Bonds-esque.


Bryce Harper. His 197 wRC+ was the highest value since Barry Bonds reached 233 in 2004. It's one of the most impressive batting seasons I've seen during my lifetime. He reached base once out of almost every two plate appearances!

Terri Schlather

Duh. Bryce Harper. Anyone who watched any baseball could see with their own eyes that he was far ahead of the rest of the field this season, but should anyone need more analytical proof than "Terri says so" just look at the numbers.

.330 .460 .649 1.109 195

There 's no way to argue with those.

David Coleman

Harper went Full Bonds. Well, maybe 80 percent Bonds, complete with the prickly demeanor, over-the-top media reactions but without any enhancements. Oh, and he did it at a much younger age.