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Bun B records a track for the Astros playoff run


Bob Levey/Getty Images

Bun B is a Houston rap legend plain and simple. Bun B was part of the group UGK with the departed Pimp C. Bun B has always supported Houston sports, even creating a hat design with the Astros. Now, he joins the long history of song for teams in the playoffs. Bun B has created a "Crush City."

Here are some of the lyrics:

Talkin’ down, we don’t listen to what you say, We keep it 200 like the hits from Altuve. H-Town, you don’t want it down here, We’ve got Carlos Correa, he’s the rookie of the year. With Keuchel on the mound backed up by Tony Sipp Not to mention Evan Gattis and Conger, don’t trip. With Rasmus, Gomez and Springer on deck, Chris Carter and Luis Valbuena is gonna wreck. So show us some respect, we came to lay the muscle down. Turn it up in Club Astros, for Hustle Town.