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MLB Postseason 2015: Carlos Gomez extends the Astros lead with home run

GoGo go boom-boom.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Home runs are cool. Playoff home runs are awesome. Colby Rasmus got the Astros on the board in the second inning. Carlos Gomez gave the Astros' a two run lead with another solo home run. Both home runs were on the first pitch.

One of the best parts about this, is the fact that Gomez is doing this in New York. Gomez has a history with Yankees catcher Brian McCann as the two went toe-to-toe over the way Gomez rounded the bases in Milwaukee. Gomez also had a dust up this season in New York after a bat flip.


Yankees, you mad?: Benches clear over bat flip


There were so many great parts for Gomez' home runs. The bat flip, the trot around the bases, the high-fives, and ROBO-CONGER. So much joy. It's one of my favorite parts about this team is how much fun they have every game.