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Astros spent less money per win than any other playoff team

Houston is best value in the playoffs.

Darin Wallentine/Getty Images

The Astros made the playoffs for the first time since 2005. A grand accomplishment, but not be forgotten is how this roster was constructed. Maury Brown broke down the numbers of the playoff teams' dollar value per win. Looking at the Astros, Houston was only team to not surpass the $1 million mark per win -- at $936,608 per win.

The Astros will face the most expensive team in the American League in the Wild Card round, the New York Yankees. The Yankees cost per win is $2,515,691. New York also has the second highest payroll in baseball at $218,865,148.

Houston checks in at 25th ($80,548,328) among the 30 teams in payroll, one spot behind the Pirates ($98,927,120) -- who also made the playoffs.

The key to keeping the payroll down is the Astros reliance on young, cost-controlled players. Evan Gattis, Dallas Keuchel, Josh Fields, Collin McHugh, Will Harris, Jonathan Villar, George Springer, Mike Fiers, and Jake Marisnick have yet to hit arbitration and have a yearly salary under $1 million.