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2015 MLB Playoffs: Astros clinch American League Wild Card spot

Houston is heading to the postseason.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros went into the final game of the MLB season, knowing the team had one more game to play. Depending on the results of game 162, Houston could have been playing against the Texas Rangers for the division crown, the Los Angeles Angels in a game 163 tiebreaker, or an opening Wild Card game against the New York Yankees.

The Texas Rangers took care of business against the Angels, winning 9-2 -- ending any chance of the Astros winning the division. But, it did secure the Astros' trip to the playoffs.

2015 will mark the tenth time in franchise history that the Astros have made the playoffs in 54 seasons. It is the first time since 2005, when the Astros reached the Word Series against the White Sox. It is the first time the Astros have reached the postseason in the American League.

The Astros have come a long way from losing 100 games three-straight season (2011-13), to now going over .500 and making the playoffs. Houston jumped lighting quick pace in 2015 with a 15-7 record in April. The team hold American League West division lead for 139 days, and leading by as much as 7 games on May 4.

A rough September ushered in the Rangers taking the lead in the West on Sept. 14. Houston, even fell out of the Wild Card race for a short time on Sept. 30. But, Houston has won four of their last five to take a hold of the Wild Card race.

The only question remaining is where the Astros and Yankees will play the American League Wild Card game. If the Astros win and Yankees lose on Sunday, the game will be played in Houston. If the Astros lose, they head to New York. Either way the game will be played on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 7 p.m.