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MiLB Season Awards: Albert Abreu is Greeneville's Cy Young

Twenty-year old Albert Abreu takes the Greeneville Astros Cy Young

Tim Deblock

It's crazy seeing how every single minor league team used so many different pitcher's this season. The Greeneville Astros used thirty-two different pitchers which results in really small samples for most pitchers.

Only three pitchers had over thirty-three innings. Three started at least seven games. Seven pitched in thirteen or more games.

Given that information, there's very few pitchers who contributed enough in my opinion to be considered.

I broke it down to Yhoan Acosta, Albert Abreu, and Salvador Montano.

Montano had an ERA over five in his forty-five innings with pretty poor walk and strike out rates.

Acosta lead the team in innings (48 1/3), starts (9), and strikeouts (56). His ERA of 4.10 isn't bad by any means.

But, it pales in comparison to Abreu's 2.51 in 46 2/3 innings. They matched in walks with twenty-one and he trailed in strikeouts with fifty-one.

So, his rate stats were less than Acosta. However, he only allowed thirty-five hits while Acosta allowed forty-five.

Getting down to the advanced stats. Acosta had a FIP of 3.71 and Abreu had a 3.56.

Match: Albert Abreu