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Astros Stockyard Report

What's going on with the Astros Roster at the 1B/DH spots?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

First base and designated hitter types are 95% of the time large individuals. Mostly cause there's usually an indirect correlation between size and mobility. And, the more mobile a player is, the more strenuous of a defensive position he can play.

So, introducing the Stockyard Report, where we check in on how the Astros current roster stands at those positions throughout the off-season.

It is thought that the Astros will possibly be making some moves this off-season at these positions since they are quite crowded and the team only had league average production from those options. Roster moves can't really be made yet since the playoffs are going, so we are just looking at how things stand going into the off-season.

Chris Carter: Employed

The Astros resident dragon remains! Sir Luhnow has yet to draw Excalibur and is up for debate if he will.

Evan Gattis: Engaged

The White Bear, El Oso Blanco, Bulldog Being, Grizzly, Baseball's Sasquatch, or whatever you want to call him is engaged!

That's right, there will be a La Oso Blanca, a Mrs. White Bear, a Miss...well you get the point.

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A.J. Reed: Has a .685 OPS in Arizona Fall League