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Greeneville's MVP is Connor Goedert

Connor Goedert showed so much improvement at the plate and carried the team offensively.

Tim Deblock

Greenville's offense just was not good. In fact, only two of their hitters had OPS' higher than the league leader in team OPS. Pulaski had a team .793 OPS. That's really good for a team OPS but you'd expect a few guys on your own team to beat that.

Greenville's two were Connor Goedert and Hector Roa. However, Roa was promoted to Tri-City after twenty-seven games. Not exactly a significant sample and doesn't qualify him as a league leader. Goedert on the other hand played in sixty-three games and did qualify as a league leader. He posted the seventeenth highest OPS among league qualifiers.

I don't mean that as a knock on him. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good season and a huge improvement for Goedert over last season. I'm just illustrating that as a team, the offense wasn't good.

I personally was very high on Goedert coming out of the draft in 2014 because he posted unreal power numbers at Neosho County CC. He posted nineteen home runs which isn't seen in college much, and less so from a sophomore. Remember that JuCo's use the same BBCor bats too. Yet, he came in the pro ranks and looked like a JuCo.

He had an OPS in the .400's in seventeen games for Greeneville which forced a demotion to the GCL where he still sat in the .400's. He had a total of six doubles and was simply over-matched.

This season needed more.

A lot more.

And it came to the tune of a .286/.349/.449 triple slash and his first professional home run. His first six to be exact. He and Roa tied for the team lead in home runs but Roa did it in about four less games.

That gives him a lot to build on for next season since he showed a lot of improvement across the board. He lowered his strikeout rate from nearly 28% to just over 19%.  However, his walk-rate dropped by two percent.

This season saw him show a lot of improvement as well as carry the team offensively. It also carried a transition as he switched over to first base but is not clear if thats permanent.

Great season Connor Goedert...aka Pollo Rojo (gotta love that nickname).