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Maybe it's better the Astros didn't make the ALCS? -- At least they didn't have to wear this disaster of a shirt

What were they thinking when they designed this shirt?

It's been a week now and the Astros out of the playoffs. It's taken about that long to look at the Astros ALDS shirt and not wonder what could have been. To which we can see, thanks to

That said, there is something off. Minute Maid Park is symmetrical, too symmetrical. Nothing about Minute Maid Park is symmetrical. It was one clock tower in one corner, a train station in one corner, an unevenly curved roof with different shapes making up the roof, and a giant track on one side of the stadium.

Of the many parts that are wrong:

  • There are two clock towers or it's a section of the park that doesn't have an an entrance (show in ex. B) is used as the source.
  • Where did the roof go? Every part of the park has some part of the roof assembly above it.
  • What exactly did the Minute Maid Park have one small side with a single entrance? Every main part of the park has either multiple entrances or it's a very long side of the stadium not proper pictured on the shirt.
Sure, I realize that making graphics is hard -- I really do. Yes, there isn't exactly a photogenic side of the ballpark. But, what was the reference material for this design? Why would you not include a profile of the roof? This t-shirt is a mess.

I guess at least it's not the wrong stadium I guess.