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Thank you TCB readers for your readership and support this season

It was one hell of the year.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

After a week to decompress following the Astros' playoffs run (still weird to say), I and the TCB staff want to thank you for your readership and support of the site this season. It was our biggest year yet as a site. Yes, a playoff run will do that, but I like to think that it was our tight-knit community growing it's roots even deeper.

I've been here since the 2012 season, and have watched this site hang on every word of news from the minors and prospects with the majors as an afterthought. It was extraordinary to see everyone on the site be able to enjoy this team's growth to a playoff team and the prospects get promoted to the majors.

My favorite part about doing this job has always been when I see Astros fans putting their own identity on the team: the inside jokes about Hank Conger, roars of 'Trogdor' as Chris Carter's home run, Springer Dingers, Colby Jacks, and the many nicknames for Jose Altuve.

You, the readers, make this job worth doing. It's your passion for Astros baseball that keeps us as a staff going. I just want to thank you for riding out the low times and enjoying the good times with us.

Our coverage doesn't stop with end of season awards, the Arizona Fall League, and the list goes on. Keep it right here on TCB for your Astros news.