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Astros Hot Stove: Baseball executives speculate Daniel Murphy to Astros

The season isn't over yet, time to turn on the hot stove.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Sherman published an article for the New York Post online titled, "How much is Daniel Murphy worth, and which teams may be interested?"

The impetus for the post was Murphy's ridiculous postseason line of .357/.379/.929 (257 wRC+!). Citing a report that the Astros previously tried to trade shortstop Jonathan Villar to acquire Murphy, the executives that Sherman polled opined that the Houston Astros are the likeliest landing spot for the infielder, if he reaches Free Agency.

This begs the obvious question: Where would Murphy play for the Astros? And the follow up: given that the answer to the first question is "uhhh....", what is the likelihood that the Astros would indeed be a destination? Jed Lowrie is signed for two more seasons, Chris Carter and Jon Singleton are still under contract, A.J. Reed is making it difficult to see him in the minor leagues through 2016, and 2B is held down by a multi-time All-Star and current franchise hit/season king. And then there's Marwin. Hard to see a fit with Houston, but who knows? The Hot Stove season is a crazy one.