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Tal's Hill lives: Astros postpone centerfield renovation

The Astros move on to offseason moves: Tal's Hill gets a stay of execution.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

On the day after the Astros were eliminated, Houston has given Tal's Hill a stay of execution. The team has put a hold on the plans to redo centerfield of Minute Maid Park, highlighted by removing Tal's Hill. The Astros announced:

On June 4, the Astros announced plans for an offseason renovation of the center field area of Minute Maid Park.
After receiving and reviewing all bid packages, the Astros have decided to suspend the existing plans for a center field renovation.

It appears the team wasn't comfortable with the timetable for the completion before Opening Day 2016:

"Through the bidding process, we determined that the construction timelines to have the ballpark ready for Opening Day 2016 became too risky, and we decided it was in everyone's best interest to postpone the renovation." said Astros President of Business Operations Reid Ryan. "The playing field, including Tal's Hill, will stay the same for the 2016 season. Other potential renovations to the ballpark are being evaluated, and we will announce future plans in the coming months."

Putting it simply:

  • Tal's Hill will be around at least through the 2016 season
  • The Astros playoff run and hosting an international Cricket match in November, did affect the timetable to go ahead with the renovation.
  • There are still plans to change center field, but nothing is confirmed.