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TCB Astros Blue Stars of the Week: Sept 25-30

Not much to pick from, but a couple of them are top notch!

I could only find four standout defensive gems this past week, but what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality.  Two of the best plays of the season are included this week.  The other two deserve recognition because a) one of them involves Chris Carter, and he is the greatest of all the Astros (right now), and b) the other involves getting Odor out, which can be nothing but good.

Castro Catches Odor Attempting To Steal - v. TEX 9/26/2015

Jason Castro helped keep the Astros close (closer?  Within 3 runs?) when he nabbed Odor going to second to end the first inning in which the Rangers had already put up a crooked number.

Corea Spin-O-Rama - v. SEA 9/28/2015

Carlos Correa, with the exception of last night, has been a highlight reel to himself this season.  Monday night was no exception.  Carlos ranges deep into the hole, fields the grounder, and spins to get the out at first.  I give an assist to Jesus Sucre for moving at the speed of the Death Valley Sailing Stones.  You can time Jesus with a sundial, I think.

Carter Makes a Diving Stop - v. SEA 9/28/2015

Chris Carter has almost singlehandedly kept the Astros in the playoff hunt recently, and folks love him for the homers he has hit.  Most never make any notice of the fact he is not terrible playing in the field.  Here he saves a sure hit with a nice dive and flip to Lance McCullers to keep Kyle Seager off the bases in a close game.

Gomez Great Game Ending Double Play - v. SEA 9/30/2015

Carlos Gomez did not look like he was feeling sexy at the plate by the end of that game, but he made up for it easily with this great play.  The speedy pinch runner looked like he thought he was off to the races, but he obviously didn't do his scouting on GoGo.  Carlos got in great position to catch the line drive, and then made a super accurate throw to Marwin Gonzalez at first to double off the runner and end the game.  It was only fitting that a game with four errors by the Astros would end on an amazing defensive play.