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What hat should Craig Biggio wear on his Hall of Fame plaque?

The question has been all the rage on Twitter since Tuesday afternoon.

When Brian McTaggart starts tweeting about it, you know a topic has reached cultural zeitgeist status.

Blame me for TCB's slowness to jump on this topic. Ryan had the idea days ago and we pushed it off until today for...well, no real reason. Just bad planning on my part.

But, let's rectify that injustice now. TCB, tell us which hat Craig Biggio should wear on his Hall of Fame plaque.

Obviously, it's going to be an Astros one. Biggio only played for one team. But, he's got three different hat styles to choose from on his immortal Cooperstown doppleganger.

Will he choose the brick red star?

That's the one he wore for the longest, from 2000-2007. It's the one he went to the World Series in, that he won his first playoffs series in and that he picked up his 3,000th hit in.

Will he choose the shooting star?

That's the one he saw his best seasons in, from 1994-1999. The Astros went to the playoffs three times in this stretch and would have gone in 1994 if that pesky strike hadn't happened. Biggio also had some legitimate MVP seasons in there, including his 1997 season where he totaled 9.4 bWAR. Oh, and he also went an entire season in this hat without grounding into a double play. Played all 162 games that year, too.

Will he choose the star-H?

Houston's best logo is the one Biggio began his career in. He played in this one from 1988-1993. Biggio saw some success personally in this hat, but saw little success as a team. Maybe nostalgia and the fact that it's the club's current logo carry the day.

My personal choice would be the shooting star. As much as I like the star-H and dislike everything about those brick red unis, the shooting star is where he had the most success. That's how he should be remembered.

What do you think? Ryan's made a pretty great mockup of what each plaque could look like above. You can vote in the poll below.