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5 of my favorite Astros GIFs from the 2014 season

My five favorite GIFs from the Astros 2014 season.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Regular readers know that we use GIFs regularly on this site. We use them for recaps, analysis and sometimes just for fun. It was another good year for GIFs and here are my favorite five, in no particular order because I love all my GIFs equally.

Colin McHugh with the defensive play of the year


Have you ever tried catching a ball behind your back? It's really hard and McHugh makes it look so easy. I kept fan reaction in the GIF because I love the reaction from the dude in the black shirt and hat. The dude's reaction is ruined a little by all the goobers begging for a ball (DO YOU SEE HOW SILLY YOU LOOK BEGGING FOR A BALL?!? It's a ball!).

Jon Singleton gives Chad Qualls a home run ball


Singleton didn't have the best year for the Astros, but did smack 13 home runs. Two of which are in this article. In the case of this home run Singleton smoked a ball -- with that beautiful swing -- to right center where Chad Qualls was warming up. It was his first career hit, home run, RBI, and run. The Astros beat the Angels 7 - 2.

Jason Castro steals Chris Carter's cup of water


After hitting a home run in the second inning and getting the Astros on the board, someone was bringing Trogdor a cup of water when in swoops Castro to partake of the refreshing beverage. Love seeing that kind of fun in the dugout. Well played Castro, well played.

Springleton fireworks


In the fourth inning of the July 4 contest against the Angels George Springer hit a home run with Kike Hernandez on base off CJ Wilson. After a singles by Matt Dominguez and Chris Carter, Singleton hit a home run helping the Astros take a 6-3 lead in game. The Astros would eventually lose the game 7-6, but Springleton (= Springer + Singleton) gave us a peak at some of the fun we can expect in the future.



I love Alex Presley's reaction and I imagine you can figure out what he said afterwards. He didn't even bother to look back, but this was one of the scariest and funniest things to watch this season. You can even see Bo Porter in the background yelling watch out and then seeing if everyone is okay. Bringing this article full circle is the fact that Springer, Castro, and Carter (in previous GIFs) were all in the path of the foul ball.

Share your favorite GIFs in the comment section below.