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Keith Law releases Top 10 Astros prospects for 2015

No change in the top five from TCB's own list, but the rest of the top 10 gets a little different

Edward S. Garza

Keith Law finished up his own prospect week by dropping organizational reports on each team's top 10 prospects today.

You can find the list of all his organizational reports here. His writeup on the Astros (Insider only) is here.

Law's top five prospects did not change from the order they were in for his Top 100 list. Here's his next five, rounding out the top 10.

6. Lance McCullers, Jr., Right-hander

7. Michael Feliz, Right-hander

8. Derek Fisher, Outfielder

9. Josh Hader, Left-hander

10. J.D. Davis, Third baseman

Law said in a chat on Thursday that he saw Hader as a reliever and says something similar about LMJ. He doesn't really like A.J. Reed's bat speed, but has nice things to say about Fisher and J.D. Davis.

All three of Houston's college bats from last year's draft have questions surrounding them. But, they all have quite a bit of upside and reasons to be optimistic about their futures. Some lists, like ours, prefer the production Reed has shown. Others may like the raw tools of Fisher or the combination of the two that Davis possesses.

Either way, it's a good sign for Houston's positional depth.

Law also listed former Texas A&M pitcher Daniel Mengden as a sleeper. What's interesting is that Law notes the condition Mengden struggled with while in college is spondylosis. Now, this could just be a misunderstanding on Law's part to what Mengden's injury is. As our own Subber10 has noted, it's easy to be confused on this.

But, it's worth noting that top 2015 college pitcher Mike Matuella, from Duke, has the same condition. Could that make the Astros more amenable to taking him with the No. 2 pick this summer?

At any rate, what do you think? Happy with Law's rankings? Upset that he has little faith in Hader sticking as a starting pitcher?