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INFOGRAPHIC: TCB's Top 30 Astros Prospects

Our Top 30 Astros prospect list in infographic form.

Ryan Dunsmore

We're wrapping up this weeks TCB Top 30 Astros Prospects List with a handy dandy infographic that you can share with all your loved ones.

Here are some facts on the list:

  • One A rated player
  • One B+ rated player
  • Three B rated players
  • Eight B- rated players
  • 11 C+ rated players
  • six C rated players
  • Eight players were acquired via trade from another team
  • Two were drafted or signed in 2010
  • One was signed in 2011
  • 10 were drafted in 2012
  • Five were drafted in 2013
  • Four were drafted in 2014
  • Eight have competed at Class-AAA
  • 10 have competed at Class-AA
  • Five have competed at Class-A+
  • Three have competed at Class-A
  • Four have competed at Class-A-

What are some of the things you notice about the list? Share them in the comment section below.


We're looking to do more infographics like these in the future. If you have any suggestions for an infographic leave them in the comment section below.